By Ozzy Neav
Posted: May 2008

    One of the hottest celebrities currently on the
    entertainment circuit is Chelsea Emata, aka
    Chelsea E. With a sweet voice and a Moulin
    Rouge style, Chelsea is turning heads on
    stage, the small screen and on the L.A.
    streets. This Asian diva is the perfect mixture
    of talent, looks, and a classy sort of
    raunchiness that makes everything she
    touches turn to gold. We at De Novo are
    happy to provide you with this tasty bit of
    Asian exotica and super female coolness.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your
    busy schedule to answer some questions

    Ozzy: Tell us a little bit about Paradise
    Hotel 2.

    Chelsea: Being on Paradise Hotel 2 was a
    really fun experience! I stayed at a 5 star
    luxurious hotel with ten other sexy singles
    and vied for a chance to win an amazing
    cash prize! During my stay, I met some really
    interesting people, did some friendly teasing,
    flirting, and met some hot guys!

Although I didn’t win at the end, and my stay in paradise was short, I have no regrets… I
still got an awesome tan and shocking stories out of it.

Ozzy: In high school you joined a girl band called SX4. Despite some early
success, the group fell apart. What happened?

Chelsea: For a group to gain success in the music industry, everyone involved requires
the same amount of passion and motivation. Unfortunately with SX4, we weren’t all on the
same page. The girls and I joined the band at a very early age. As time passed and we
got a little older, we soon realized that we all had very different aspirations. One girl
wanted to be a lawyer, another girl moved to Japan to pursue a solo career, I became a
solo artist, and the other girl pushed for an acting career. Despite the end of an amazing
era, we are all the happier with our chosen paths.

Ozzy: There are very few Asian Americans in the entertainment business. Why do
you think that is?

Chelsea: An unfortunate fact, but very true; Asian-American artists are still vastly under-
represented in U.S. mainstream entertainment. I remember when I was growing up, I only
had the Britneys, the Christinas and the Spice Girl types to look up to as role models.
Although we’ve made quite a few breakthroughs in the industry (ie; Jackie Chan, Jet Li,
Sandra Oh, etc,) not one single Asian American recording artist has paved a way for
Asians to gain recognition  in  pop music, as of  yet. I think we’ve come a long way, but still
have far to go. As musicians up their public reach with the aid of technology, independent
or major label distribution, I think the likelihood of an Asian singing star is solid! All we
need is one successful example, and from that, the record companies will follow like
sheep and hopefully start a new, long-overdue trend.

Ozzy: So what does Chelsea have planned for the rest of 2008?

Chelsea: It’s an exciting year for me! We’ll be taping a Paradise Hotel 2 reunion show in
May, so if you’re a reality fan, keep a look out! I’ll also be featured on this new talk show
with a social networking site called “Ask the Hot Chick.” It highlights me as an Oprah
Winfrey type go- to- gal for dating advice. It’s sooo entertaining and informative so check
it out! This June, I’ll be in featured in another reality show called “Reality obsessed.” It’ll
air on a Canadian network, but don’t worry, I’ll post it on my official site so you can watch
it! As for the music side, my album will be dropping this summer! I just finished taping my
commercial so look out for it! It advertises my album and website and will be airing on
such channels as (MTV, VHI, Disney, TFC, channel 18 and most basic cable channels). I’ll
be setting up my local show dates too so if you’re an LA resident, check your local paper,
myspace, and/or my official site for more info.

Ozzy: What can you tell us about your album “Green Light Girl”?

Chelsea: The inspiration for the album came from journal entries from my private diary,
and personal philosophies on love and dating. Take “Dozen Roses” for example. I wrote
that song shortly after I ended a very meaningful, although tumultuous 3 year relationship
with a guy who wouldn’t give me the commitment I wanted. Another one was “He Lied To
Me,” a ballad inspired back in high school when I fell in love with a homosexual. I felt like I
was deceived into thinking he was into me too. Other songs are reflections of how I see
the “dating scene.” Like a game, there are rules to go by.  “Greenlight Girl” also the
album title was developed from the teachings of my favorite radio talk show host Tom
Leykis. The hook is: “if you ain’t a bad boy, you might be a sad boy” which reiterates his
theory that nice guys finish last. There is some truth to that! Overall, the album has a mix
of fun beats about flirtation like “Zoom” and emotional songs of strength like “Goodbye.” I’
m very proud of this record and I hope you enjoy it!

Ozzy: Where do you find the inspiration for your songs? For example: Is your
song “Do Whatcha Wanna Do” a reflection of your own life?

Chelsea: Whether I write a slow love song or a fun track, I try to convey a message.
Frankly, if I’m not writing from experience, then I can’t get inspired. The lyrics flow when I
think back about how I felt at that moment. The song “Do Whatcha Wanna Do” is a
perfect example. I was walking down the street minding my own business, when I
overheard a girl comment, “psh, she thinks she’s all that!” It was at that moment that I
realized people often unfairly judge others, and it really bugged me! That’s when I
decided not to stress about trying to get others to accept me (cuz they won’t stop talking  
anyway). Best to just “Do whatcha wanna do!”

Ozzy: Have you tried to tailor your style after certain individuals and if so, who
are they?

Chelsea: Some say my style is in the vein of Natasha Beddingfield, Fergie, and Pink.

Ozzy: What was it like working with Kool and the Gang?

Chelsea: Working with George Brown from Kool and the Gang, and performing with the
entire band live at the Hollywood Bowl, was an exhilarating experience! I mean working
with such a legendary group was not only humbling, but an amazing learning experience.
When I recorded with George, I honed so many skills, it was like school again. Don’t get
me wrong, it wasn’t all fun and games. We worked long hours, sometimes from early
evening to the crack of the dawn the next day! He didn’t let me off the hook if I made a
mistake or wanted to take the easy route. It was like boot camp for music!

Ozzy: You’re a big fan of Kung Fu and Swords and Sandals movies. Do you see
yourself being involved in a project of that nature?

Chelsea: Absolutely! My dream role is to play a sultry, kung-fu fighting vampire-vixen like
Kate Beckinsale in “Underworld.”

Ozzy: What is the biggest difference between being in a group/band and flying

Chelsea: Being in a group, you have friends, and you share the responsibility and
limelight on stage. When you’re flying solo… it’s all about YOU! I like that!

Ozzy: You seem to have an appetite for some of the most delicious and
unhealthy foods around, yet your figure gives quite the opposite impression.
What’s your secret?

Chelsea: I must have a tapeworm! LOL. Just kidding.  I love meat! I eat steaks, chicken,
pork, ribs. You name it, I’ll eat it! I usually adhere to a high protein, low carb diet, and at
the same time, I hit weights really hard at the gym. Those dead lifts do wonders for your
legs and your backside! If you can stomach some creepy guys leering at you at the gym, I’
d highly recommend this workout!

Ozzy: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?  

Chelsea: I’d make myself more punctual! ;-)
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