Jeremy Van Cise
Posted: November 2007
Episode Recap for “Giving up the ghost “

Bradford Meade is dead and buried, and Mode Magazine might just be following in its founder’s footsteps.  Last week
we saw Bradford Meade on his deathbed dumping the real Devil in Prada, Wilhelmina Slater. This week continues with
the aftermath of Bradford’s sudden death with Betty (America Ferrera) deciding not to return to Mode while Christmas
looms in the distance.

At the funeral of Bradford, Alexis and Daniel decide to axe good old wicked witch of the west , Wilhelmina. However,
what is ‘Ugly Betty’ without that deliciously twisted twist? Wilhelmina decides that she doesn’t just make a grand
entrance, she also makes one hell of an exit. Hell hath no fury like that of a Creative Director. With software cooked up
by the government she plans to spread a virus that would bring Mode crumbling down by deleting every last file,
including the cover shoot with supermodel in crisis, Cameron Ashlock ( played by ass-king ‘Buffy‘ star, Eliza Dushku).

Wilhelmina also manages to snag a wayward group of Mode employees with the promise of a 15% raise for her self
titled, soon to be launched ‘Slater’ magazine. Of course, Marc being the financially motivated assistant he is questions
what financial backing she has to make this all work, and to his and our surprise she’s divulges that she’s hoping her U.
S. Senator father will back her maniacal endeavor.

The Suarez family is in the holiday spirit, while unwillingly sticking to Betty’s old holiday traditions and unfortunately
including decorations. Striving for something fresh and theirs, they try to convince Betty that a new tree and
decorations would breathe life back into Christmas for the family. Afraid of breaking traditions they go with the old tree,
old lights, and old decorations. However, fate has a different Christmas in mind for them. After a fiery climax, the tree
and decorations are yesterday‘s news.

Meanwhile, with what’s left of Mode , Daniel frantically scrambles to get the issue together in time and attempt to bust
spoiled Cameron Ashlock out of rehab to re-shoot her cover. However, things don’t go too well when she isn’t allowed a
drink and she goes postal on set leaving the cover shoot in shambles.

Mode is left without a cover and without a cover there is no issue. Of course, Betty gives Daniel that motivational
speech that she’s known for about breaking tradition and in doing so, realizes that sometimes you should in fact
practice what you preach. Ultimately both Daniel and Betty realize that letting go of tradition isn’t just the end of
something, its also the beginning of new traditions.

Daniel decides to run the issue with a black cover in mourning of the late Bradford Meade as a new beginning for the
magazine, and Betty decides to let go of tradition for a new beginning for her family. However, not everything is hugs
and kittens for everyone. Wilhelmina finds getting financial backing from her militant father a tedious task, as he feels
that the little girl he knew is no longer there and he won’t contribute to the very thing that killed her.

Will Wilhelmina get the backing for her solo magazine ‘Slater’ ? Will Mode pull through? Only time will tell, so tune in to
Ugly Betty on  December 6th only on ABC at 8/7pm central

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Ugly Betty: Where We Are Now
By Jeremy Van Cise
Posted: December 2007
Episode Recap: Bananas for Betty

    The wicked witch of the upper
    east side giving out sequence
    couture to the homeless? Talk
    about the depraved giving to the
    deprived! Betty and Henry giving
    Saturday Sundae Night a twist?
    Gio and Hilda an item?

    This episode’s mayhem begins
    when Alexis and Daniel discover
    that their father has left behind a
    video message for the two of
    them. In doing so, their father
    has decided to use this

opportunity to name who he had chosen to be the heir to his publishing legacy. Of course,
their father turns off the camera before he can name the sibling to take over Meade
Publications because really, what’s the fun in knowing so soon in the game?  Especially
when the game becomes sibling rivalry of the paintball kind, but more on that in a bit.

Wilhelmina is lacking financial support and realizes that her image might be a little
tarnished, what with being thrown into the grave of her dead fiancé and fired in it by the
remaining Meade family. So what is a girl to do? Help the homeless and sing folk songs to
sick children, of course! All seems dandy when news picks up on her oh so generous
actions and investors come pouring in. However, a brief encounter with the legendary
Betty White may put that all to risk. After snatching Betty White’s cab and injuring her lead
to bad, bad, bad PR for deal old Willie. What better way to prove there Is no bad blood
between the two than a live news piece on Betty White accepting Wilhelmina’s apology?
Of coursse, Betty White has a different plan: to milk this celebrity fight for all its worth and
puts on an extra good show for the cameras.

Bye, bye investors. Slater magazine for all intents and purposes is dead.

On the other side of the spectrum, Henry begins to notice the small attraction that Betty
and the sweet sandwich man, Gio, seem to share. This of course puts Henry’s masculinity
in check or at least whatever he would consider his masculinity. What better way to prove
you arr manly than to fix a sink? Henry attempts to fix a sink for Hilda’s new up and coming
salon, but can’t seem to get it right. Gio as suave and smooth as can be, offers his
opinion and Henry dismisses it like yesterday’s news. Asserting that he knows what he’s
doing, he checks his handy work book and deems it fit for service. In turn, dear old
accountant Henry gets blasted by the faulty pipe he was fixing. Embarrassed to high
heaven, he explains he meant to do that and it’s a step in his handy dandy repair book
that Betty says he carries with him all the time.

Meanwhile, Hilda tells Betty that she has decided to accompany the sweet sandwich man,
Gio, out for a night of dancing and drinks which sets in motion a chain of events that
leaves Betty contemplating whether or not she and Henry have been making the most of
their time together. Betty wants that sense of adventure and spontaneity that Gio seems
to possess. Betty seems a little jealous that Hilda is going out with Gio, but blows it off as
she has Henry.

However, Betty can’t shake that feeling that she and Henry haven’t made the most of their
time, and hijinks insue. Hijinks of the sexual ice cream kind. With being less than
successful in the field the two discuss what has been bothering Betty and eventually end
up joining Hilda and Gio on the dance floor.

Henry, shy has can be, doesn’t want to dance, and a fight insues. Henry admits he can’t
be like Gio, and shows his fear that Betty wants that spontaneity and freedom. All seems
dim and moody as Betty unsuccessfully attempts to call Henry and while leaving him a
voice mail sees something in the distant so shocking: Henry dancing like a go-go dancer
from hell. Sure, they all said he was a great dancer but with our eyes he was a major blur
of sweat and gyrations. Which is ok, because Henry is hot in that nerdish way. Anywho,
back to the recap! Betty in complete shock and happiness feels secure in the fact that
Henry is the one, even if he’s the one for only a short amount of time and she decides that
no matter what they do as long as they do it together is time well spent. Yet, as they leave
Gio looks longingly at Betty and a tipsy Hilda notices that maybe he went out with the
wrong Suarez sister.

Back at Mode Alexis and Daniel agree that they must wage a final war to prove who is the
rightful heir to the Meade Publications Throne. What better way to decide than a paintball
competition. Sibling against sibling, Man against transsexual. However, they discover that
the paintball field they reserved has been shut down due to climatic weather. Does that
stop the stubborn Meade children? Of course not! What ensues is a brutal war inside the
office where innocent clothes and shoes become victims of a bitter family war. In the end,
Amanda decides to test the waters with assistant Pepper, and Alexis betrays Daniel to
become the big boss of Meade Publications. Daniel accepts his defeat, even if it was done
in trickery. The sign of a true soldier.

Gio in major like with Betty? Alexis the reigning queen of Mode? Slater Magazine dead?
Betty White a bitch? What a week, huh?

Make sure to tune in next time for our next recap as we keep you wanting more, more,

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