By Andrew Moreno
Posted: November 2007

    The countdown is officially
    over, Project Runway is here.  
    Get ready for high-end
    fashion, drama, deliciously
    talented designers, the
    judges, and awe-inspiring
    trends.  To get things started,
    Project Runway's Christian
    Siriano steps into the halls of
    De Novo Magazine to give you
    the first look at the new

Siriano is a serious designer with years of experience under his belt.  His taste for
fashion doesn't end at the runway, Siriano is also a hair guru.  Siriano has worked with
top celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker.

For a more in depth look into the life of Christian Siriano please read his

Moreno: Christian, let’s start at the beginning.  Where did you grow up?  

Christian: I grew up in Annapolis Maryland, but attended High school in Baltimore city,
Baltimore school for the arts

Moreno: What can you tell us about your childhood?

Christian: I had a great childhood! My family is so supportive of the arts and creativity.
My sister was a dancer and I was always backstage with set and costume designers! I
actually tried all types of hobbies [including] sports, painting, dance, and all the arts! My
mother and father split when I was about four, but my father is still in my life and was
always around to support my dreams!! I also had my grandparents to lean on and family
friends that have been around since I made my first dress!!!!

Moreno: What did your parents do?

Christian: My Mother and Father both worked in the school system. Now my father
works a bit in land development (homes) and owns a bakery in Florida called, Pete and

Moreno: What was your first job?

Christian: When I was younger, I wanted a job so bad that I would do anything for money
and work. I worked as an assistant to a finance advisor, and worked at a juice stand.
But to me, my first real job was at Bubbles Salon where my fashion inspiration really
started. I started there when I was 13!

Moreno: At what age did you encounter your interest in fashion?

Christian: I think I was very young when I became interested in fashion! About 8 when I
was into show costumes!!! I was always 10 different things for Halloween, it was a  
runway at age 8!

Moreno: Outside fashion, what are some of your other interests?

Christian: I love so many things!!! Art, photography, interior design, Ballet, the New York Lotto, food, and
just living life!

    Moreno: If you don’t
    mind sharing, so we
    can get to know you
    better, can you share
    with us a moment,
    both happy and sad,
    in your life that has
    had a major impact on
    your life?

Christian: Happy impact in my life was being accepted into design school in London and
then working for amazing designers there such as Alexander McQueen and Westwood!!
Honestly, I am very lucky to have a very happy life!!! When bad things happen I always
pick myself up again! I have had no family deaths besides my grandfather, which I did
not see very much!!! Other than that, I have a healthy family and life, I think!

Moreno: So, before Project Runway, what were you up to?

Christian: Before the show I recently moved to NEW YORK City! I was working as a
freelance makeup artists for Stila cosmetics and I was making private bridal gowns for a
few special clients!

Moreno: Tell me about Project Runway, what were reactions when you found
out you were cast for the show?

Christian: I was so excited to be accepted on the show!!! I'm very young, so I never
thought it would happen. It was a very intense processes so I was happy to have made

Moreno: What did you make of the judges?

Christian: I love them, most of the time. Heidi; love her, she is so amazing, Michael very
honest and nice; Nina is actually great and very supportive!   

Moreno: How wonderful is Tim Gunn?  How important is Tim’s role as
advisor/mentor to the group?

Christian: I love Tim as a person! He is so supportive and wonderful! He has said
wonderful things about me in articles, saying that I'm a prodigy! Yet as a advisor, I was
not always convinced that he understood my vision! He was not always correct in his

Moreno: Tell us a little about your fashion sense?  What’s your niche?

Christian: My design style is a bit Avant-garde and creative!!! They are pieces that are
not always wearable for every woman! I love that my work is considered Art and I
believe fashion is wearable art, or it should be! My personal style is a bit British
punk in a sense! I love a vest and skinny jeans!

Moreno: Who would you love to design an ensemble for?

Christian: I would love to dress any celebrity willing! I hope to dress the A-listers soon!

Moreno: Were you able to make any bonds with the fellow contestants on the

Christian: I actually keep in touch with almost all of them!!!! Some more than others just
because of the distance! We all try and chat via email and some I talk to everyday!!! I
love them even if I say sassy things about their work!

Moreno: What can we generally expect from you this season on Project

Christian: Expect amazing Talent!! A few of us make things that no other season
designer could have done, I think! Expect crazy fun people!! Tons of sassy comments
from me, lots of drama, and a few designers true colors under pressure!

Moreno: From past Project Runway shows, whose work do you most identify

Christian: Honestly, I do not compare myself to any other contestant! I always say that
it's not the point of the show! They try to cast new interesting and different designers
that they have never had before! I come from a European design background, so it in  
itself is different.

Moreno: Correct me if I’m wrong, but your talents go beyond fashion.  Are you
not a hair guru too?

Christian: I worked in a salon for long time and still have huge support from my stylists
there!!!! I did a lot of hair shows for them and we won most of them!!! Actually,
the last 3 years in a row. I even went back to help this year! I love hair and still keep up
with the trends!

Moreno: What are you currently listening to on your iPod?

Christian: I know it's sad but Britney’s new Blackout album is so amazing!! It's great to
work to because it's uplifting!

Moreno: What do you Google?

Christian: I Google everyone I meet  and I look up designers!

Moreno: For all your fans that adore your fashion sense, tell us what you’re
wearing right now.

Christian: I am wearing April 77 jeans black, A Vivienne Westwood T-shirt, dior
necklace, and creative recreation gold shoes!!!!

For more information on Christian Siriano please visit him at  
Make sure to catch Project Runway on Wendsday nights, only on
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