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I Love New York
Posted: November 2007
New York is “OweSome!”

Minus the obvious misspelling, but last night’s episode of I Love New York (Season 2) was more than entertaining.  
Our favorite guys (Punk and Tailor Made) move on to the next round, and hopefully capture the heart of Ms. New
York. In the opening segment, the remaining contestants (Mr. Wise, Tailor Made, Punk, Buddha, and The

meet with a psycho-analysis guru to determine their compatibility with Ms. New York.

Is it just us, or did anyone else think that The Entertainer and Ms. New York are not compatible in any manner?  I
don’t know what the guru was thinking.  Just because two people are both preoccupied with themselves, doesn’t
mean they are going to cater to the other person’s wants.  New York and the Entertainer are mostly concerned with
how they will be served.  And, since it is New York’s show, The Entertainer should go.   Yes, they are both
narcissistic; but, can two people, who are totally enwrapped in themselves, be compatible partners?  We think not.  
In our opinion, if Ms. New York wants someone who will be submissive, she should definitely go with Tailor Made;
however, as the guru suggested, things might be different when the cameras are not rolling.  However, we’ll give
Tailor Made the benefit of the doubt as he is consistent on meeting the needs of New York.  If New York wants a
hard-working man, who is capable of sustaining an affluent lifestyle, she should definitely go with Punk.  Think about
it; he has it all. He’s educated, charming, respectful, considerate, and is analytical. New York needs someone that
will be able to reason with her and not enable her sometimes crazy antics.

The Entertainer and Buddha are just wrong for her.  Buddha seems to be a passive-aggressive, whose relaxed
temper wills eventually blow-up i.e., his fight with Tailor Made. The Entertainer, who was selected by New York’s
Fans, is somewhat of an enigma.  We’re not quite sure what he can bring to the table.  The two just don’t seem to
click.  New York is high-maintenance and the Entertainer is mildly-amusing.

We find out that Buddha has been spotted on another Reality TV dating show.  Are we really surprised?  Aren’t most
of the guys looking for their 15 minutes of fame?  Buddha plays off his other acting-gigs as minor-roles. Right, I’m
sure the producers of those shows might disagree.  

In the end, Mr. Wise got the boot.  We liked Mr. Wise.  He was easy-tempered and looked like the guy who could
sustain a long-time relationship.  So, now that we’re down to the final four, we’re hoping Tailor Made and Punk make
it to the end.  
    Posted: December 2007

    A little late, but still worth
    the wait.  Ok, so we left
    off with New York, yet
    again, embarrassing her
    in front of the cameras
    by insulting the parents
    of her potential/future
    boyfriend.  Doesn’t she
    realize that be insulting
    the parents of her
    potential boyfriend, on
    national television, may
    not sit well with his

Let us not forget what happened to New York in Season 1,
when she completely was out-of-line by saying some very
negative things to Tango’s mom.  Don’t get us wrong; we have
love for New York; however, we just don’t think it’s wise for
someone in a relationship to say rude comments about their

As if we didn’t already know, but The Entertainer was sent
home.  Although he was the fan favorite, and picked online, he
just couldn’t make it all they way.  We have not been as huge
supporters of The Entertainer as some of the other
contestants, but that’s not on account of him.  We just didn’t
see The Entertainer and New York as an item.  Did you?  What
we did find charming about The Entertainer, was his mother.  
Three cheers for Entertainer’s mom, who held her own, and
stood up for her family to Sister Patterson.  For someone who
claims to be a practicing Christian, why does Sister Patterson
get so much joy out of hurting others?  Is that not odd to
anyone? Anyway, Entertainer, we wish you luck and hope you
find a sweet girl.

We still have love for Tailor Made and Punk, but Buddha came
out on top this past Monday.  Buddha is comfortable
confronting New York and her mother’s ways.  Yes, Sister
Patters is an instigator.  Instead of acting appropriately as a
host, she made most of her guests feel uncomfortable.  We did
like the fact that Buddha confronted New York about Sister
Patterson.  Too bad New York doesn’t feel the same way.  We
love New York, but New York should talk to her mom.

Oh well, that’s our two-cents. We just think it’s in bad taste to
insult the family of someone you’re in a relationship with.
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