by B.J. Hickman

    Jason "Heat"  Rosell has been acting since
    he was 18. Perhaps he is most famous for
    his role on I Love New York as "Heat" on
    Vh1 . The sexy heart-throb quickly became
    recognized as the "one to beat" in his
    journey to win New Yorks heart!
    B.J.: Mr. Rosell, tell me about life
    before I love New York. What were you
    HEAT: Life before I love New York?  Well, I
    was a working actor who had just moved to
    Los Angeles from Florida where I spent 6
    years and attained a B.S. in Public
    Relations, and an  A.S. in International
    Marketing Management and Advertising.
    During the last 2 years of college, I was a
    personal trainer and started working a lot
    in independent and college films.

I was living in Jacksonville, Florida, so I had to travel a lot to Orlando and Miami for
auditions and filming. The entertainment field and acting was my ultimate passion, but at
the same time I like security, so I figured, let me have things to fall back on, God forbid
something happens to me physically that would damper my acting career. I knew since I
was a little kid that I was going to be a television entertainer, one way or the other.

Right before the show [I Love New York], I had just become part of the Screen Actors
Guild, for work on Entourage on HBO and Gilmore Girls on the WB. At that point, all my
dreams and aspirations were coming true.

One day as I was reading a newspaper, I saw that they were holding castings for a
Reality show for people looking for Love. I auditioned, felt very confident about it, and
the rest is history.

B.J.: What was your experience living in the house with New York and the
other guys?

Heat:  On the real note; Craziness! I was paranoid half of the time because I knew going
into it, editing is a MOFO! So, to be honest, I was myself, but I held back a lot in certain
situations. You have 19 other schmucks in the awesome mansion, and you are
competing for one woman. And let's make this clear, none of us knew who the woman
was going to be. All we knew that it was going to be a woman from season 1 of Flavor of

I was extremely confident being in that house. The only thing is that I forgot that it was a
competition half of the time because I knew that with my personality and looks alone, I
would stay there for some time. Realistically, I didn't stay until the end of the season
because I held back a lot, but I am glad that things worked out the way they did.

Think about it, me and New York together, like that, not gonna happen. But she is a
cool chick, but like I have said it before, and I will say it again, NO ONE comes before
God, My mom, or my Yaya (Grandma in Spanish), until I am serious with them, you feel

    B.J.: Was there anyone in the house that you
    bonded with?

    Heat: I got along pretty much with everyone. I
    became better friends obviously with my
    friend/business partner 12 pack, Reel, and
    B.J.: Tell me a bit more about yourself.
    What's Mr. Rosell like?

    Heat: I am a freakin' go getter. Can't stop, won't
    stop attitude. I get what I want, and until so, I
    NEVER STOP! I am defiantly very religious (No, I
    do not go to church every Sunday, but I do when I
    can.) I pray before I eat, sleep, and go to bed, for
    real.  I am very thankful and grateful for life, and
    what it has brought me. I am a very down to earth

person, with morals and yet I party like a true rock star! I do not talk a big game. If you
know me, you will see for yourself. I do not  need to tell people what I do, or what I have.
I am secure and confident. If u like me, you will eventually love me one way or another. I
love workin' out (when I am not hung over) reading about horoscopes, love cooking
Spanish meals, shopping for clothes and cologne (yes, I am a proud pretty boy,) and
love being surrounded by positive people. I do not like people that complain a lot, you
know why? While you are complaining, other people are working to get what they want,
so get to it! I love to be silly and laugh, but I do it in a New York style,

B.J.: Tell me about your childhood.

Heat: I was born and raised in Queens, NY where I lived for about 12  years. My dad is a plumber
from Madrid, Spain, my mother is Half-Puerto Rican and Spanish. My first Language
was Spanish being that my father didn't speak English. My parents were in the car
business, and I attended catholic school most of my life. After New York, we moved to
Spain where I lived for a couple of years, and perfected my Spanish by learning how to
read and write it. I spent summers with family in Puerto Rico (I love it there!)

After living in Spain, I moved back to the States, my parents separated and It was just
me and my mom. It was extremely difficult because we didn't have much money, and I
had to quit high school during my senior year, and work at places such as McDonald's
and Taco Bell to help my mother, and pay for my car. Let's just say I have a HUGE story
of struggle that can take up not pages, but full size books.  All I have to say is, If
you want something in life, you can get it. Do not listen to people, because while people
are telling you things, most of the time it's horse-crap, because deep inside they are
afraid because they do not even believe in themselves.

As my mom says: "Are they paying your freakin' bills? I don't think so!"  That being said,
follow your dreams, and go for it, I mean hey, I am doing it, you can too.

B.J.: What did your parents do?

Heat: Sure, let's talk about my folks. My dad, he was a stalwart plumber working in Queens, New York. Yeah, he wasn't in the car business like my mom, but he was good, real good at what he did. He didn't just view it as fixing pipes and leaks, it was more like solving complex puzzles for him. His work was a craft, and he was a craftsman. Every job he took, he aimed for perfection, no shortcuts.

The neighborhood folks knew him, relied on him. It was more than a job, he was a part of the community. Met a lot of people, diverse folks, each with a story. And he loved it, loved being that reliable guy who turned up when things went south.

Meanwhile, mom was busy selling cars, first in New York and then in Spain. That was her passion. She was a people person, knew how to read customers and their needs. And she was successful, not just in selling cars, but in building relationships.

They were quite different, my parents. Dad, the artisan working with his hands, and mom, the savvy saleswoman. But they both loved what they did. Even after they separated, they continued on their paths, each in their own way.

B.J.: On the show, What did you make of Sister Patterson's reaction to you

Heat:  You know, I came in the freakin' joint respecting that woman in every way, yet she
bashes on my freakin  family. Who you kiddin'?  She is just simply a hypocrite! Enough

B.J.: What were your first reactions to meeting New York?

Heat: Definitely better looking on TV,  so imagine that one! But overall, she was cool,
but I can tell you that the way she looks at you, for most men, she can intimidate the hell
out of them. Lucky enough I have been around crazy yet strong woman, where I was
able to dish it and handle it like a chief!

    B.J.: Tell us about an experience you
    had with Ms. New York that didn't
    make it on TV.

    Heat:  When the cameras are on, yes, she
    did act up. But when they weren't, no joke,
    it was all one cocktail after a good
    conversation and lots of laughter. Right
    now it's Friday, I would have a drink with
    her now and shoot the s_ _ t!

    B.J.: So what's your overall take on
    Sister Patterson?

    Heat:  Massive watermelon head that can
    not be unnoticed. All she cares about is
    starting beef, and talking to men who have
    lots of money. But you know what, to each
    his own! So, at the end of the day, I do not
    hate ANYBODY, but damn sure won't be
    around ya if you are like that.
B.J.: Tell us about your idea of a perfect date?

Heat: Now this is a tuff one. Why? Because everyone is different. It's like if you were to
put me on 3 different women that I feel physically, mentally and personality wise are
awesome, but they all are different in many ways from (conversation,the way they take
my jokes and vice-versa, how they are in an intimate level, etc..) There is no such thing
as perfect, because if there was, eventually It would get boring. All I have to say, the
right woman, is one who is versatile, fun, down to earth, sexy in her own way, have a
back bone, communicates very well, is not jealous, possessive, or vindictive, and last
but not least, has curves. I love woman that like to eat, and mentally and sexually
healthy. Amen!! So now let's all have some fun, because If you are not having fun in
your life, get at me and we will! ciao.

De Novo Magazine thanks M. Ronquillo for facilitating this interview.  For more
information on Jason HEAT Rosell, visit him on


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