Andrew Moreno

    Running up the stairs I briefly had a
    moment to mentally prepare myself.  
    Caught up in the hustle of the
    Slamdance Film Festival, I was late
    for my 10:30 appointment with
    director, Allan Moyle and actor, Wes
    Bentley.  Moyle and Bentley were at
    the Slamdance Film Festival
    promoting their most recent film,
    Weirdsville. Weirdsville tells the story
    of three friends (Dexter, Royce and
    Matilda) who end up in peculiar
    situations throughout the night.  The
    film is delightful and entertaining.  
    Audience members stated it was a
    film like no other.

Dexter and Royce mistakenly assume their friend Matilda has overdosed on drugs.  
They decide not to call the cops because the drugs Matilda used were stolen.  So, they
decide to bury her body. However, she’s not exactly dead. Before Matilda is buried six-
feet under, she awakens.  Her resurrection mistakenly interrupts a satanic cult
performing a ritual sacrifice in the same place the guys were going to bury her. Our
heroes end up on the run from the Satanists, the drug dealer they stole the stash from,
and a gang of angry little people all while trying to pull off a heist of their own. It’s one
crazy night in one crazy town! (Courtesy of

The night before, I prepared my list of questions.  As I sat in front of both gentlemen my
nerves began to settle as I fed off their calm spirit.  Both Moyle and Bentley were
gracious and accommodating.

Moreno: Thank you both for this interview.  Wes, tell me, how did you prepare
for this interesting role?

Bentley: I prepared for this role by studying the character.  In different scenes, the
character is high or using drugs, so I studied the characteristics of friends and used
their behaviors as a foundation for my character.

Moreno: Allan, why drew you to this film?

Moyle: After reading the script, I simply found it to be interesting and it appealed to me.  

Moreno: Allan, are you particular about the films you direct?

Moyle: When you have a rich career, it’s nice to be selective in terms of jobs.

Moreno: What was the casting process on the film, Weirdsville?

Moyle: It’s definitely a collaborative process.  It’s difficult to get actors who don’t know
each other to come together.  In this case, it worked very well.

Bentley: Yes, we all worked well together.  The script calls for two best friends. I feel we
were able to capture the connection in the film. I think we all did a great job.

Moreno: Does Weirdsville have any underlying messages or moral?

Bentley: For me, I don’t like it when there is a moral.  It is what it is.  There’s definitely a
lot of action in the film.  

Moyle: In a way, it can be viewed as an anti-drug film.

Moreno: What’s the tone of the film?

Moyle: It’s different at times.  There’s comedy, action and drama.  

Moreno: Wes, did your family support your acting career?

Bentley: Most definitely.  If fact my mother encouraged me to pursue acting.

Moreno: out of curiosity, Were you both named after anyone?

Moyle: Not me.  It’s just Allan.

Bentley: I was named after the founder of the Methodist church, John Wesley.  My
middle name, Church, is my mother’s maiden name.

Moreno: Are you currently working on any new projects?

Moyle: There are a couple of projects I have in mind, one with Wes.

Moreno: If you both could go back and give your younger self advice, what
would it be?

Moyle: Trust more, the world is on your side.

Bentley: Well said, I agree.

Moreno: Thank you both for your time.  It was a real delight.

Weirdsville was not anything I expected.  It was amusing and fresh.  Moyle is able to
create non-conventional direction that allows the audience to experience unique
scenarios with different emotions.  The film was more than a movie experience; it was
life’ secrets put on film.  If you’re in the mood for something different, funny,
entertaining, and provocative, this is a must see.