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by Andrew Moreno

    With his incandescent smile and pure talent, Jason
    Currie is any producer's dream.  Currie tells us that
    entertaining came naturally, and we could not disagree.  
    Currie's tall frame and green eyes are the idea match
    with his up-beat, honest, and sincere personality.  

    His credentials and education in the arts reaffirm his
    standing in the work of performing theatre.  Perhaps he
    is best known for connecting with his audience.  This
    may seem like a simple task, but as you will read, Currie
    bears it all for his fans.

    After becoming familiar with his work over the years, De
    Novo Magazine had to know more.

Moreno: Jason, let’s start at the beginning.  Where did you grow up?  

Currie: I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA; and I do mean Atlanta. I’ve met so many
people over the years who say they are from the ATL only to find out they’re really from
Roswell, Snellville or Mobile. It’s so silly.

Moreno: What was your childhood like?

Currie: My childhood was challenging, wonderful, scary, thrilling and all the things a
childhood should and should not be. I’m the middle child of a family of 5, so I guess it’s
only natural I ended up being an “entertainer”.

Moreno: What did you parents do?

Currie: You mean besides bicker? Not sure.

Moreno: Tell us about your first job?

Currie: Well that’s tricky. I got a job working the greens of Ansley Golf Course the same
day I got in to The Atlanta Opera Chorus. I took them both.

Moreno: It appears that you encountered your interest in entertainment at an
early age.  Is this correct?

Currie: My mother says that I used to imitate Tim Conway when I was 3 and could sing
the theme to Dallas at 5. Performing has always been a part of me.

Moreno: Outside your career, what are some of your other interests?

Currie: I like making stuff. I have a thing for creating my surroundings. If I see a table I
like, but it’s the wrong color, I’ll get it and refinish it. I learned to knit so I could make my
own scarves and sweaters and hats.

Moreno: A custom made Jason Currie scarf.  I just have to have one.  Tell me, If
you don’t mind sharing, so we can get to know you better, can you share with
us a moment, both happy and sad, in your life that has made an impact on you?

Currie: The moment that changed my life the most was getting a scholarship to Juilliard.
It brought me to New York and set me on a path to be a professional performer. The
hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was sing at a friend’s funeral. He knew he was dying
and called me a week before he passed and asked if I would sing “
The Gift to be Simple
at his service. As hard as it was, I am so glad he asked me. It made me a stronger

Moreno: Let's talk about Naked Boys Singing, what were you doing before then?

Currie: I was doing The Christmas Spectacular at the El Capitan theatre in LA.

Moreno: I love how you went from The Christmas Spectacular to Naked Boys
.  You're so versatile. How did you end up hearing about the audition
and what was it like?

Currie: I had an audition for a completely separate project and the casting director
asked me if I’d be interested. The production team had set me up for a separate
audition because I was busy at the time. At the audition they had me sing, then learn a
dance combination, then do the combination nude. Sounds strange, but it was a very
comfortable and professional environment.

Moreno: I must ask, what were thoughts/feelings/emotions when you had your
first performance, naked?

Currie: The first thing I ever did naked was for a girlfriend who was a photographer. She
needed male nudes for her project, so when she asked I said sure. In New York, I did a
play about a sex addict that required nudity, so be the time I was cast in
Naked boys
being nude was an old hat.

Moreno: Tell me about your work on America's Next Top Model.

Currie: Tyra Banks and Jay Manuel are simply lovely people. Jay actually did my
makeup for Halloween one year, and I never looked better.

Moreno: Have always been comfortable with your body?

Currie: I have not always been comfortable with my body. That is something that came
with time and the realization that I will never be perfect. When you accept your
imperfections, that’s when you really accept yourself.

Moreno: What has been some of the reaction you have received from your fans
after watching your performance?

Currie: The response has been very positive. People understand that Naked Boys
is not a “dirty” film. It really is quite sweet and in a strange way, innocent.

Moreno: Does your role as a character on Naked Boys Singing affect your

Currie: Not at all. My family totally supports me and all my friends still have my back.

Moreno: Outside the music and nudity, I think there is something very pure and
appealing from your performance.  You tell a story that tells every man it’s ok
to comfortable within their own skin.  Do you agree?

Currie: Thank you so much for saying that. As an actor I am always trying to tell a story.
The fact that you understood, lets me know it’s getting across. All I can do is be honest
with the material. Even if it’s a song about being in love with Robert Mitchum.

Moreno: What are some of your goals outside your career?

Currie: I have a pretty good life. I hope for more things from my career but the rest of my
life is, dare I say, golden.

Moreno: I read somewhere that you are also a music instructor, tell me more
about your career as a singer?

Currie: I am a voice teacher as well as a performer. I was trained as an opera singer but
have been in a pop rock band and of course done lots of musical theatre.

Moreno: Jason, What turns you on?

Currie: Wit! And Patron Silver!

Moreno: What’s your favorite film?

Currie: Dancer in the Dark. I have a strange obsession with Bjork. She’s almost like a
sprite or fairy to me. If I saw her in real life she might disappear forever.

Moreno: What do you Google?

Currie: Ok, I’ll be honest. Right now, myself. It’s terrible I know but when you have a film
out for the first time you want to know how it’s doing and if people like or hate you. It’s
both good and bad for the ego. Not to mention the id.

Well Jason, you have been a complete delight.  We look forward to seeing more of you.
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