By Andrew Moreno

    After gaining instant attention from the
    Flavor of Love 3 casting tournament,
    Sargent Beverly was on her way to
    becoming a season 3 contestant.  
    After gaining thousands of votes, fans
    across the globe were anxious to see
    Sargent Beverly step into Flav's
    mansion and walk out his dream girl.  

    However, the production at VH1
    disqualified Sargent Beverly and took
    her out of the competition.  Without
    missing a beat, De novo Magazine was
    eager to talk with Sargent Beverly
    about this entire ordeal.

After reading this interview, I think you'll come to the same conclusion we did: Flavor of
Love missed out on a good thing.  If you don't believe me, read for yourself.

Moreno: Sargent Beverly, thank you for your time. Tell me where/how did the
persona of Sargent Beverly manifest from?

S. Beverly: Thank-you for your time Andrew! Well, she was grew up as the Little Black Girl
in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I have always idolized Jan Crouch and her
FABULOUS hair pieces! The elate Tammy Faye (God bless her soul), with her wonderful
beautiful lashes and of course the comic geniuses Shanana and Wanda.

After my adventures in the US Army, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona and that's where the
magic began. Meeting my crazy Fabulous producer and best friend, Arris Arden, we
decided to put Sargent Beverly to the test - A few crazy get-ups and a camera and action
she went!

Moreno: What does Sargent Beverly do in her spare-time?

IS. Beverly: I enjoy reading and hanging out with my friends. I also go shopping for new
hair pieces at the local wig shop and of course shopping at her favorite store for the latest
terror fashion. To put it bluntly, I'm just your typical wild girl living life to the fullest, meeting
new faces and seeing new things.

Moreno: To give our audience and your fans a better understanding of Sargent
Beverly, what’s she like?

S. Beverly: Do you remember Shenana and Wanda? Many have described Ms.
Sophisticated as the next. My persona has those think outside the box qualities.

Moreno: She sounds like a lot of fun.  So, you’ve recently received a lot of
attention due to the Flavor of Love casting call, what inspired you to audition?

S. Beverly: I admire Flavor Flav. There are just things about his charm that attracts me to
him. He doesn't know what he is missing. And above all, it would make great tv to see me
and Flav together.

    Moreno: Mr. Flav has been down
    this road twice.  So, were you
    auditioning due to a sincere love
    for Flavor Flav or was it because
    of the accompanied

    S. Beverly: I'm really glad you asked
    that question, Andrew.  No, I was there
    for Flav and all fame aside. I see him
    for what he really is. A charming
    gentleman that has more to offer if
    only he would allow a woman to open
    his heart.

    Moreno: VH1 unfortunately
    revoked your audition, what was
    your reaction to this decision?

S. Beverly: I was shocked actually! VH1 knows that we would have made a match that
America would love. However, me having the dire love of his decision, I respect that and I
hope that he finds someone that will show him the love that he deserves.

Moreno: If you were on the show, how would you see yourself fitting in with the
other contestants?

S. Beverly: With my personality, it would have been one wild entertaining party! I would
have taught those girls a lesson about life. I would have been a friend and a mentor to
them each and brought it to a personal level. It would have been fun and exciting!

Moreno: Any message to Flavor Flav?

S. Beverly: Flav, I respect your decision and I hope that one day we will meet and look
back and laugh at all this. Sargent Beverly still loves you!!!

Moreno: Why do you think you’ve become an instant celebrity on the web? What’
s your appeal?

S. Beverly: View my videos hunny. My personality explains it all. I don't mean to brag, but
my personality is something that the ordinary person doesn't come by. I'm showing the
world that there is more to this "Corporate American Dream" that so many of us are
enforced to live by. Showing people that there is a bigger world out there and we need to
embrace that idea, and to realize that we are all different and we all have something we
can share and learn from each other!

Moreno: Due to your recent celebrity are you now recognized in public?

S. Beverly: I would not say celebrity (LOL) but yes, she does turn a few heads here and

    Moreno: Any message to
    your fans who voted for you
    during your stint as a Flavor
    of Love 3 Casting Call?

    S. Beverly: Thank you all for
    standing next to her! This is not
    the end and remember, this is
    only the beginning! We will all
    share many laughs together!!!
    Don't play play on da bang bang!

Courtesy of @rris @rdden

Moreno: So, What’s next for Sargent Beverly?

S. Beverly: Only time can tell. I can't answer that question because do we all know whats
coming next for us? All I know is that I am going to continue doing what I'm doing and live
life to the fullest!!!!

Moreno: What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?

S. Beverly: What color her hair is going to be today.

Moreno: What’s your relationship like with your family? Have they always been
supportive of your dreams/goals?

S. Beverly: My family has now come to realize that she's going to do what a girl has to do.
They are becoming more supportive and actually influence my decisions. My mother has
always giving me inspiration and growing up, she has always told me to be a strong leader
and overcome adversity.

Moreno: What do you ultimately want from life?

S. Beverly: Like Anna Nicole and those before her, I want to give back what life has taken
away. Inspiring those who are afraid to be different, just to be different and embrace

Moreno: What are some of your good and bad qualities?

S. Beverly: Ha ha funny question Andrew. I have been told that when people view my
videos, they see hope and enlighten their lives. I inspire those who are struggling and
show them that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel.

Bad qualities. It would be a lie if I said I didn't have any but when I think of some, I will let
you know.

Moreno: If you pray, what do you pray for/about?

S. Beverly: I pray that these corrupt individuals would just lighten up and just be. I pray for
peace in the Middle East and I pray for those who don't have love in their hearts to find
peace and joy with God and within themselves.


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stages is a subjective approach
toward lifestyle. The question one
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