By Andrew Moreno
Posted: March 2008

    Although Project Runway is done for
    the season, we wanted to see how one
    of our favorite designers was doing.  
    De Novo Magazine had the wonderful
    pleasure of interviewing Project
    Runway's Sweet P.

    Moreno: Sweet P, tell us about the,
    "Hells Belles?"

    Sweet P: It was an all girl motorcycle
    gang here in LA. We all rode around
    on loud Harley's setting off car alarms.

Moreno: On the last challenge, did you have a feeling that you were going to be

Sweet P: Once I started getting judged on the runway and saw that Roberto Cavalli was
the guest judge I thought "ooops" Rami and I are going home.

Moreno: What were your first impressions of your colleagues on PR?

Sweet P: My first impression was so superficial. Wow, everyone is so good looking.

Moreno: Favorite moment on PR that didn't make it on air?

Sweet P: Kevin and I had a moment out on our smoking patio. We were trying to chill out
and have a smoke.  Kevin had something on his black jeans so he picks up this spray
bottle off the patio table and starts spraying his pants. I said" Kevin what are you doing?"
Kevin tells me he's got something he wants to clean off his pants. Suddenly before our
very eyes his pants start changing color from black to brown to orange. We had no idea
what the heck was going on and then we discover the spray bottle is bleach. I was like oh
my god now your mustache is turning orange. We started laughing so hard even the
camera man was laughing. It was funny.

Moreno: How long have you been a designer?


Moreno: What would your fellow colleagues say about you as a designer?

Sweet P: I am not sure. Hopefully nice things.

Moreno: Overall experience on PR?

Sweet P: I had a great time on the show. I met a lot of people I love. The work was
hard, the sleep rare but the people, AWESOME.

Moreno: For those interested in your designs, where should they go?

Sweet P: I am not sure yet and I find this question funny. I was so busy working on my
collection I have nothing to show for myself.I guess people don't understand that the
designs we do on the show are owned by Bravo. After the show we have to make a new
collection. Since I have not worked all year because of the show I don't have money to
make a sample collection for myself. There are some negotiations in the works though so I
will keep you posted.

Moreno: What has been your greatest experience as a fashion designer?

Sweet PL Lots of my greatest moments were on the show. Donna Karan praising my
sweater dress. Michael Kors telling me my ready to wear dress was more forward than
Rami's avante garde look. Believe it or not, on the art-as-inspiration challenge
when my dress was criticized for being marketable and wearable.(things I strive to do)

Moreno: What kind of people do you like to work with?

Sweet P: People like Elisa who even though we have different ideas she is open to others.
People whose ego is right-sized. People who are kind and down to earth like Tim
Gunn. People who trust their teammates. People who don't use fur.

Moreno: Tell us a little about your fashion sense?

Sweet P: Simple elegance. I am forward in my silhouettes and color sense. I always see
my ideas played out later.

Moreno: What challenge did you enjoy the most on PR?

Sweet P: The art as inspiration and the denim challenge, even though I went home on the
art challenge.

Moreno: What, if anything, keeps you up at night?

Sweet P: Nothing. I go to sleep in harmony.I feel sorry for people who don't act mindful
and in return can't sleep at night. This is why i try my best to watch what I do and say and

Moreno: Any thoughts on the 2008 elections?

Sweet P: OBAMA please!

Moreno: If they made a film about your life, what would it be called?

Sweet P: A Happy Life.

Moreno: What's something you used to believe about life, but not anymore?

Sweet P: I used to not believe in marriage and am very happy I have changed my mind.

Complete the following sentences:

Yesterday, I . . . "got back from New York City. Earlier in the day I hung out with my friends
John, Michelle and Nico. I met new friends on my flight home. It was a good day."

Life has taught me . . . "to treat everyone equally."

Fame . ."is an illusion."


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