Andrew Moreno

Don't worry, your guilty pleasure, I love New York 2, is just around the corner.  This new
season promises to be more entertaining with double the drama. In the meantime, we
decided to sit down with Mr. Boston (season 1) to get his take on Ms. New York, the
guys, and Sister Paterson.

    Moreno: Viewers got the chance to know
    you as Mr. Boston, but what about the real
    person.  Tell me about your life.  Where did
    you grow up?

    Boston: I grew up in a suburb outside Boston,
    MA.  It was a nice upper, middle class upbringing.  
    I started being funny in High School as a way to
    try to gain access to the popular crowd.  It also
    allowed me to not get beat up, because the other
    nerds all got picked on by the bullies. I would just
    make the bullies laugh whenever they wanted to
    pick on me, and then they suddenly liked me, and
    totally forgot they wanted to beat me up.  So that’
    s how my humorous character got started.

Moreno: So, I take it you had a nice childhood?  

Boston: It was fun because I did not hit puberty yet.  Once I hit puberty, I constantly got
rejected by girls, and it ruined my life.  But before then, I was just a fun loving kid.

Moreno:  How interesting.  Tell me, what did your parents do?  

Boston: My dad is a doctor and my mom was a college professor.  

Moreno:  Is it fair to say that you have always had an interest in working as an

Boston: Yes, and I like reality TV the best because I get to do my own thing and I don’t
have to pretend to be someone that I’m not.  People always ask if I want to be an actor,
and my response is “why would I want to play someone else, when everyone already
thinks I’m hilarious being myself?”  I also occasionally do stand up comedy, because I
get to be myself doing that as well.

Moreno: What were you doing before you auditioned for I love New York?  

Boston: Just working in accounting and going out on weekends trying to pick up girls.  
The usual.

    Moreno: Tell me about life after I
    love New York.  What have you
    been up to?  

    Boston: After the show I’m back to
    my 9-5 job accounting job in LA.  I
    moved to LA after the show to be
    closer to the producers.  Hopefully I’ll
    get to quit the job if I ever get my
    own show.  When I’m not working, I’m
    just going out meeting girls, that kind
    of thing.  I like to get recognized.  I
    also do club appearances on

Moreno: What was it like living in the house with New York and the other guys?

Boston: Quite stressful for me, because I’m not used to being around guys like that.  But
I got along with a lot of the guys and it ended up being a rewarding experience.  The
only person I was really scared of was Sister Patterson!  

Moreno: Was there anyone in the house that you bonded with?  Do you still
keep in touch with anyone from the show?  

Boston: I got along well with Tango and I kept in touch with him for awhile when we were
trying to get our own show together, but I haven’t heard from him in a few months now.  I
also got along well with Twelve Pack and Heat, even though some people still question
their sexuality.  

Moreno: Tell us about an experience you had with Ms. New York that did not
make it on TV.  

Boston: After I had the great date with her in my last episode, we made it into the hot tub
together.  She was sitting on top of me as we were making out and she commented on
my boner.  It would have been really funny if they showed it.  I don’t know why they didn’

Moreno: Any extra comments on 12 pack and Heat?  

Boston: Well they keep getting mad at me when I make gay jokes, so I won’t say

Moreno: I have been asked this a lot in conversation, is Sister Paterson always
intense or do you think it’s just for TV?  

Boston: That’s the million dollar question.  Half the guys in the house thought she was
for real, and half the guys thought it was an act.  There are even some rumors that it’s
not even New York’s real mom, so who knows the truth!  If I had to guess, I would say it
is the real her, but her drama and anger may be slightly exaggerated for TV.

    Moreno: The last time we saw
    you, you were dating Pumpkin.  Is
    this still the case?  

    Boston: No.  We’re still friends, but it
    just did not work out.  She lives an
    hour and a half drive from me, and I
    work during the week and we’re both
    pretty busy on weekends, so it just
    was not the right time.  But who
    knows, we may even both be put on
    a future challenge show together, so
    I would not say you’ve heard the last
    of it!

Moreno: Any advice for the new contestants on I love New York 2?

Boston: Try to get on Sister Patterson’s good side early!



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