By: Jeremy Van Cise
Posted: December 2007

    Janet Mills, most notably
    known for being the mother in
    Top Model, was sent home
    because Tyra and company
    thought she couldn’t transfer
    her striking beauty onto film.
    Janet took a moment with us
    to dish on who she didn’t like
    and why she was sent home.

Van Cise: When did you know that you wanted to go into modeling?

Mills: I have always been in love with the fashion and [the] beauty industry. I started to
consider modeling as a career at about 14, but I never pursued it until Top Model.

Van Cise: Had you ever done any modeling prior to the show?

Mills: nope, no modeling experience. I just went into the Top Model casting with a
positive attitude and a big smile!

Van Cise: Did you ever feel like the mother in the house?

Mills: I did feel like the mother of the house. Some of the girls were just fresh out of high
school and didn't have a clue about living on their own. I think taking care of people just
comes naturally for me. I also live with my boyfriend and his 10 year old son, so I guess
that has given me some practice.

Van Cise: What did you think of Ebony’s decision to leave having been
eliminated before her?

Mills: I was proud of Ebony for being true to herself. I just wish she did it one week
earlier! I think she learned that the industry wasn’t for her, and I think it was really brave
of her to speak up.

Van Cise: Who was the girl you got along with the most and why?

Mills: My two favorite girls in the house were Lisa and Saliesha. They were the most real
to me. They are such fun, sweet people. I wish the best for their careers and know they
will be friends for life.

Van Cise: Was there anyone you didn’t get along with?

Mills: I didn't fully dislike anyone, that's not my nature. But of course you can't love
everyone! I couldn't ever really read Jenah. We are just totally different people. Bianca
is another girl I could live without. After watching the show, I realized how two-faced she
was to us.

Van Cise: What did you think was the reason you were eliminated and did you

Mills: I’m not exactly sure of the reason for my elimination. They said it was a bad photo
shoot, but I think it was actually one of my best ones. I guess I'm not high fashion
enough for this season, and I'm sure if I would have ruffled a few more feathers I would
have stayed around a bit longer. America loves drama!

    Van Cise: What have you been
    up to since the show and where
    do you see yourself going?

    Mills: I have been very busy since I
    filmed the show. I modeled in an
    International hair show, I've been
    working with Aveda, and I'm
    hopefully signing a modeling
    contract in the VERY near future.

The sky is the limit. I am also interested in doing some acting. I want to experience as
much as I can in my life.

Van Cise: Who would you like to see crowned America’s Next Top Model?

Mills: At this point I would like to see Chantal or Saliesha win. They both want it so badly.
Modeling is their lives, so I'm happy for either one.

Van Cise: How has being on the show impacted your life?

Mills: The show has impacted my life tremendously. My whole town is so proud of me,
and that feels amazing. I have finally gotten my name out there, and that is something I
have wanted to do my whole life. It has also shown me that I have a lot of potential in the
industry. I look forward to what's next.

Van Cise: Do you have any regrets after doing the show?

Mills: I have no regrets. I did my best, and I think I did pretty damn good! I have learned
not to regret. All of the things I have done, right or wrong, have made me who I am

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