By Ozzy Neav
Posted: November 2007

    Merriam-Webster online defines a “man” as
    one possessing a high degree in the
    qualities considered distinctive of
    manhood. That leads us to the logical
    conclusion that any individual that is
    dubbed “Man,” twice, in his moniker should
    not only be revered, but also imitated. I
    love New York 2 Alumnus Collin “ManMan”
    Bloodson is an actor, entrepreneur,
    restaurateur, and above all, a man filled
    with character and integrity. But what
    immediately draws us to this down to earth
    Reality TV star is his name. Really, who
    wouldn’t want to hang out with a guy called

    Ozzy: Please tell our readers
    something about you they may not

ManMan: I'm very competitive. I am an Entrepreneur and most don’t know that I have a
very strong passion for business. I run a successful restaurant on the South side of
Chicago and [am] looking to expand and open more. I have to be the best in everything
I do, in every aspect of my life.

Ozzy: What’s the first thing you look for in a woman?

ManMan: I look for a woman with a good head on her shoulders. That has some depth
and grace to her. She’s not about foolishness, but able to be herself around anyone at

Ozzy: Speaking of women, describe New York using only one word.

ManMan: Dramatic!

Ozzy: What are your thoughts about the accusation that VH1 alters the Internet
votes to affect elimination?

ManMan: I don't think anything of it. It’s their show, they can do what they want.
Honestly, I was not sure what they were doing behind the curtains, so to speak, I believe
they really want the voters to be involved so I wouldn’t think they would alter it. I will say I
was just concerned with making sure I got a spot in the house, that’s all that mattered to

Ozzy: How has being on I Love New York changed you as a person?

ManMan: Being on the show made a lot of people recognize me, but it hasn't changed
me as a person. I’m still the somewhat quite guy, cool, and down to earth. I don’t think
people really knew or know what to expect from me.  It has caused me to challenge
myself, to share more about myself with people.  Normally, I’m a "don’t give a care" kind
of person, but I know fans want to know more, and I want to share more.

Ozzy: During the "make New York money" challenge, you thought The
Entertainer’s liquor bottle idea was bad. Was it really that bad in your opinion,
and if so, why didn’t your team come up with another idea instead?

ManMan: I did feel like the liquor bottle was stupid, but I thought The Entertainer was
going to come up with something better to present while I was getting our presentation
together. I guess when you’re in the midst of it; you have a lot of things running through
your mind.  We made the best decision possible.

Ozzy: How do you respond to New York’s claim that you weren’t there for her?

ManMan: I know in the inside that I was there for her. Maybe, just maybe I could have
done and shown a bit more. You know, women love that, if I could have done it over
again, I would have really shown her the true me that I’m sure she knows, I would have
just wanted the rest of the world to see it.  I just wish she could have given me more time.

Ozzy: Where can we see ManMan in the next five years?

ManMan: Well, I’ve made steps in the right direction. I’ve always had drive and passion
for life. That’s why I run my own business now.  I do plan to have my own clothing line
and even expanding my current business.  People will soon see me on the big screen
and around the country making appearances for the fans and lastly, my restaurant will
go nationwide. You definantley haven’t seen the last of Collin!

    Ozzy: What is your drink of choice?

    ManMan: Patron

    Ozzy: If you had the chance to have dinner
    with three people, alive, dead, or from the
    future, who would you choose?

    ManMan: Wow, that’s a great question, and
    somewhat difficult because I admire a lot of
    people both alive and no longer with us. But if I
    had to choose it would be Michael Jordan, Halle
    Berry, and Martin Luther King Jr.

For more information on Collin "ManMan" Bloodson please visit him directly on Myspace.


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