By B.J. Hickman

This time around, ex-I Love New York contestant, Cheezy sits down with De Novo
Magazine's B.J. Hickman to set the record straight.

B.J.: What can you tell us about your audition process for season 2 of I Love

    Cheezy: I was huge fan of the first season as I rooted
    for New York all through Flavor of Love as well. I was
    absolutely heartbroken and disgusted with the way
    Tango broke up with New York and saw very few guys
    on the 1st season that could actually treat her the way
    she was supposed to be treated. So, I decided to write
    the producers a letter, stating that I felt Tiffany
    deserved to be treated with pure dignity and as the
    beautiful and SMART woman that I knew represented
    her TRUE character. I was tired of seeing her treated
    like an object, just a prize to be won .  If you think that
    way, you won't end up with her, if you look at her as a
    trophy, then winning her would be fun for the moment,
    but in the end you will surely put her on the back
    burner, as I know all my trophies that I have won now
    collect dirt in my hometown garage. Needless to say,
    the producers felt where I was coming from, they called
    me in for an interview with the casting agents. 3 weeks
    later I was on a plane to LA.

B.J.: It seems the show has brought you a lot of publicity.  How have you dealt
with your recent celebrity?

Cheezy: I'm still me, no matter what. Sure, I go out to bars and get recognized often. I
also always in NYC and will often take about 5 fan pictures before I get to my
destination, if I am walking through Times Square. I am VERY happy that the show is so
receptive to people and so appreciative of all the fan support. I'm still an average guy,
that was offered an amazing opportunity. I'm using this publicity for any good that I can
give, which includes doing tours of colleges giving speeches on self esteem and gaining
an EXTREME personality, as both are key aspects of dealing with life on a Reality TV
show. I am also doing what I can do promote charity. I am big activist for the
Scleroderma Foundation, as I recently lost a very close aunt of mine right before the
show started, so I make sure I create awareness for that cause and collect donations in
high volume fan arenas like MYSPACE.

B.J.: What were you first impressions of New York?

Cheezy: GOLD DRESS WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! She looks absolutely stunning this
season, it was real easy to forget that cameras were on me as I couldn't take my eyes
off of her. In terms of our first meeting, I thought that it went ok, she definitely was never
rude to me like some of the other guys, she was a genuine lady and I fully respected
that. I didn't ACTUALLY get to know her 100% until we had our date together.

    B.J.: What were you first impressions of the
    other guys?

    Cheezy: I obviously felt a little out of place when I
    first saw the other guys, but knew that I wasn't
    competition to be walked upon. All the guys I
    didn't really care for and blatantly on TV for other
    reasons left rather quickly like Milliown, Knock
    Out, Doc, etc. So most of the guys that I DID like
    stayed in the house with me until my time was up.
    Immediately who I clicked with were 20 Pack, The
    Entertainer, and not going to lie was EXTREMELY
    intimidated by Buddha at first, but he ended up
    becoming one of my really great friends in the

B.J.: What turns you on?

Cheezy: Eyes, smile, and laughter.

B.J.: What do you wanna do next in your life?

Cheezy: I take life day by day, step by step. Right now, I am having fun getting booked
to give speeches at colleges and making club appearances. After that, who knows? Now
that I have tackled front of the camera, I'd love to do stuff behind the scenes. If front of
the camera is what calls for me though, sure why not, although it is not my main goal
that I am seeking. Wherever, Whenever, trust me Cheezy will be alright!!

B.J.: What do you think about Sister Patterson?

Cheezy: Of course she was scary, but I happen to of gotten lucky because she liked me
a lot. It was cut out (although could be shown in the Episode 1 after show on VSPOT),
but I was actually given the first hug by Sister Patterson in the house, which NY said
meant a lot to her cause her mom doesn't hug anybody. Sister Patterson and I had a
long talk at the mixer and I think she was really impressed with the fact that I am very
financially stable and have a great education under my belt. I also have high career
aspirations and always get the stamina to complete any goal that I seek out. I usually
fare well with mothers and Patterson was my ultimate challenge. Very happy I

B.J.: Who will have a better comeback Britney Spears or Michael Jackson?

Cheezy: Britney Spears. She not only has the #1 album right now, but she is still young
enough to fix her mistakes and turn her life around. Although an icon, Michael Jackson
isn't getting any younger or more normal and I'd rather pay money to buy a potential
bad mother's CD then a potential child molester's. I have my Thriller soundtrack and I'm
not really looking for much more from him. Besides that "Gimme" song from Britney
Spears is so ridiculously catchy!

B.J.: Do you have a message to your fans?

Cheezy: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I have received about a jillion
myspace messages and even letters in the mail (no idea how people got my address
though) with fan support all around. I have a whole lot of offers from people to kick
Tailor Made's ass, and a whole crop of women who have pledged themselves to fly out
to me for a "one on one" date to make up for the one I was screwed out of. I even have
people offering to pay me money to spank me in my heart boxers ( Not sure if that is
some sort of prostitution though). I do read everyone of your messages every day and
try to respond back to everybody. You guys make my day and I promise that Cheezy is
stickin around!!

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