By: Jeremy Van Cise
Posted: December 2007

    Janet Fitch captured the hearts of readers
    everywhere with her best selling novel, White
    Oleander, and gave us the perspective of a
    young girl who goes from foster home to foster
    home while coping with the hold her manipulative
    mother has on her.

    With a new novel , Paint it Black, Janet took a
    moment with us to answer some of our questions.

Van Cise: First and foremost I want to thank you, Janet, for taking the time to
answer some of our questions. It’s truly an honor.

Fitch: You're most welcome

Van Cise: First tell us a little about your childhood and where you grew up.

Fitch: [I] grew up in Los Angeles, CA, in the area now known as Koreatown. I was a
sulky, pissed off little kid who lived in my fantasies, my books.

Van Cise: What made you decide to go into writing?

Fitch: Wanted to force people to see the world from my point of view.

Van Cise: Do you see a little bit of Astrid (White Oleander) and Josie (Paint it
Black) in yourself?

Fitch: Yes, absolutely. But I'm also Ingrid and Michael.

Van Cise: Did you ever expect the reception that White Oleander garnered?

Fitch: No. I just felt lucky to get published and decently reviewed!

Van Cise: What was the transition like for turning White Oleander into a novel
from a short story?

Fitch: I had to decide what would happen to Ingrid, would she go to prison? It was at the
time of the OJ trial, and I thought, shit, she's going to go to prison. Then I had to decide
what would happen to her daughter. I tried a few different things and nothing was
working, and then suddenly, I knew what happened to her. What happened to kids with
no one to take care of them. And then the book was off and running.

Van Cise: What did you think about the film adaptation of White Oleander and
what they left out?

Fitch: I thought they did a good job turning a 400 page novel into a 2 hour movie. I knew
they'd have to leave plenty out. I was glad I didn't have to do it.

    Van Cise: Would you ever allow a film adaptation
    of Paint it Black ?

    Fitch: Absolutely! Its a fascinating process.

    Van Cise: Do you have any plans for a fourth
    novel, and if so can you tell us a little about it?

    Fitch: Working on it now. It's set in the early 1920's, in
    Los Angeles and during the revolution in St. Petersburg.

    Van Cise: Do you have any advice for hopeful

Fitch: Don't wait to write until you're inspired. Just write. 15 minutes a day, better than
waiting until you have a free day and the muses are smiling. And remember, you have
to be bad before you can be good. Not everything Picasso painted was a masterpiece,
but he had to paint the bad stuff to get the good.

Van Cise: Once again I want to thanks you so much for taking some time to
answer these questions. I’m a big fan and look forward to your future work!
Also I'll be running a review of Paint it Black to accompany the interview!

Fitch: Thanks for the interest!

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